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Why Is Learning To Code So Important For Young Girls?

At CodeBrave Tutors, we’re thrilled to teach more and more girls and young women worldwide how to code and advocate the importance for STEM education for girls.

Make screen time more enriching

Is Coding Really Useful For Children?

When it comes to extracurriculars, we often think of sports or music before coding. Why? Does it sound too complicated or not fun? At CodeBrave Tutors, we believe that coding is accessible, creative and really useful for children!

Which language should my child learn first?

Which Language Should My Child Learn First?

When it comes to coding, knowing what it actually entails and where to start can be challenging. At CodeBrave Tutors, we demystify coding and help you navigate different options so you can spark the love of tech for your child!

Should Kids Really Learn How To Code?

Should Kids Really Learn How To Code?

Today, we are sharing the first of two main reasons to learn how to code. In our upcoming blog post, we’ll talk about literacy in our age. Today, we discuss… the brain. Kids can learn how to code and here are 6 ways coding helps their brains.

children engaged during online

How To Keep Children Engaged During Online Sessions?

Sometimes life can throw curveballs right out of nowhere. COVID-19 has been the largest curveball of our time, especially for students and their teachers. In order to support you, we’ve done our research and come up with helpful tips on how to keep children engaged during online sessions. Keep reading!


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