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In group or in private sessions, our expert tutors will lead fun and educational sessions that allow students to let their creativity explode, experiment with the latest tech, and get ahead at school.

High Quality Tech Education With Social Impact

Social impact.
We are an impact-driven social enterprise. All our profits go to CodeBrave Lebanon. Every CodeBrave Tutors session funds a session for a child who can’t afford it.

High quality education.
We deliver high quality tech education to students worldwide who want to learn the languages of the future. Our lessons are fun, interactive, and relevant to the real world.

Educational psychology experts.
Our team’s child psychology experts train our tutors with a research-based approach so that they can inspire students through coding and allow them to reach their full potential.

Why Learn Coding?

Coding gives access to tech opportunities

Tech skills expand your opportunities in almost every sector.

Coding improves brain development

“Coding teaches you how to think” (Steve Jobs), solve problems and fail upwards.

Coding helps in understanding the world

You can understand the world better while being a responsible tech user.

CodeBrave Tutors - High quality education with social impact

Our impact so far

We believe there should never be a barrier to education. Let’s create change and allow all children to become digitally literate and ready to build a better future. Book a course with us and help change the life of a child in Lebanon through CodeBrave Lebanon.

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Hours of Online Tutoring For Students on 4 Different Continents

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Hours Of Funded Training For Students in Lebanon Who Cannot Pay


Students in Lebanon Aged 7-21 Gained Coding, Robotics & Digital Skills

CodeBrave Tutors - Testimonial

“I’ve been doing CodeBrave Tutors classes for over a year now. I’ve learnt a lot and I’m always having a good time! It has helped me understand how to program and create online. It’s also so good to know that every time we have a lesson, we’re helping a child in Lebanon learn to code and giving him or her a new and better chance!”

CodeBrave Tutors student,

Meet Our Tutors

We recruit tutors who are passionate about coding and want to create change. Our team’s child psychology experts train our tutors with a research-based approach so that they can inspire students in a fun way through tech education while empowering them to their full potential. Our tutors strictly follow our Child Safeguarding Policy to deliver our ever-growing and evolving tech curriculum designed by our STEM manager.

Meet Eliana, a CodeBrave Tutor


  • Mechanical Engineer & Educational Psychologist (AUB)
  • Tutoring Experience: 5 years
  • I love Rubik’s cubes!
Hi, I’m Eliana! One thing I like more than science and engineering is teaching those subjects to children and passing on my passion to them. On top of optimizing machine designs, I enjoy optimizing classroom environments and teaching methods so that all students make the most out of their learning experience. I find children’s minds fascinating, and interacting with them comes very naturally to me. Having taught students of different ages and learning needs, I look forward to teaching more.
Meet Ali, a CodeBrave Tutor


  • Engineering, Mechatronics & Robotics Student (LAU)
  • Tutoring experience: 3 years
  • Passionate about tinkering!
Hi I’m Ali! I’m a patented inventor with a passion for tinkering and thinking outside the box. I am pursuing my Mechatronics Engineering Bachelor’s Degree from LAU. My focus in both learning and teaching is understanding the underlying concepts for how the world around us ticks. I’ve been a Robotics and Engineering Instructor at The Makers Hub and a Math and Physics Tutor at Tesla Tutoring Center for 3 years. I have tutored with CodeBrave for more than a year.
Meet Hani, a CodeBrave Tutor


  • Web Development Specialist
  • Tutoring Experience: 3 years
  • Challenge me to a chess game!
Hi, I’m Hani! I’m a self-taught full-stack web and game developer. I have taught children of all ages how to code from Scratch block-based coding to full web development. My goal as a teacher is to make any subject intuitively fun and easy to learn. I will be soon earning my Bachelor’s degree in Physics!
Meet Reem, a CodeBrave Tutor


  • Computer Science Student (LAU)
  • Tutoring Experience: 3 years
  • I love to make coding fun!
Hi, I’m Reem! I’m a software engineer and a Tech Girl alumni. Besides my experience in tutoring, I offer leadership workshops to students aged between 15 and 17.
Meet Marie, a CodeBrave Tutor


  • Computer Science Graduate (LAU)
  • International Robotics Trainer
  • Tutoring Experience: 3 years
  • I enjoy inspiring creativity!
Hi, I’m Marie! I’m a full-stack web developer who knows her way around the front and back end of websites and applications. In addition to online tutoring, I’m a coordinator at a robotics training center. I have previously taught at the “Introduction to Engineering” camp by the University of Notre Dame, USA. I’m 1 part creative, 2 parts communicator, and 3 parts passionate. Too many parts?
Meet Jawad, a CodeBrave Tutor


  • MSc in Computer Science (AUB)
  • Interested in Applying Machine Learning Algorithms in the Healthcare Sector
  • Tutoring Experience: 3 years
  • Coding is how I express myself!
Hi, I’m Jawad! Since I moved to Lebanon, I have been working with kids and teens at every opportunity I get. I believe that the future depends on them, and my ultimate goal is to empower our younger generations with a wide set of technical skills. I have previously led a great number of courses and trainings, and that’s only the beginning.
Meet May, a CodeBrave Tutor


  • Architect and Socio-Urban Anthropologist
  • Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator
  • Tutoring experience: 2 years
  • Passionate about Astromnomy and Space!
Hi, I’m May! To me, community development starts with empowering youth as the citizens of tomorrow. For that, I equip my students with the STEAM skills they need to thrive in the future within a highly positive, happy, and comfortable environment. I love to use my academic and teaching skills to spark my students’ inner creativity because it is there even if they haven’t discovered it yet.


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CodeBrave Tutors - High quality education with social impact