Game Developer Individual Course

Game Developer Individual Course

Dive into the world of game development in our Game Developer individual course. Build your own game and physical game controller with an introduction to JavaScript.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build your own computer game (e.g., Pacman)
  • Build your own game controller out of household objects
  • Learn engineering and coding fundamentals
  • Get introduced to JavaScript


From simple household items like aluminium foil, spoons, and even bananas, join us to create a lot of fun! This course inspires students to use everyday objects with a microcontroller in order to develop their own game controller. You will also be able to design and code your personal online game that you can play (and re-code) outside of class.

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5 sessions for £225

Game Developer Individual Course 5 Sessions

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Game Developer Individual Course 10 Sessions

Course details

Coding languageJavaScript
Coding experienceBeginner
Ages9-11, 12-14
PrerequisitesJust passion and motivation
Required materialMakeyMakey board
Length 60min per session

How It Works

  1. You purchase a course.
  2. We email you a video link to connect with your tutor on the selected date and time.
  3. If you are unsure which course to book, you can arrange a consultation call here.