Turtle: Little Programmer 1



5-6 yrs

Little Programmer 1

Game Developer

Individual Course

10 lessons
£45/AED 200 per hour

Small Group Course

10 lessons
£30/AED140 per hour

Pay Monthly

£20/AED90 per hour

Certification accredited by STEM

40% discount


This course is designed to spark your child’s love for coding! In it, they embark on their first coding journey ever and learn to create their own games with enemies to beat, obstacles to overcome and gems to collect! To play games, they will have to code them!

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain what coding is
  • Define key concepts of coding like sequencing, loops, and events
  • Use key concepts to help characters navigate obstacle tracks
  • Design and develop an interactive game with avatars, gems, stars, and enemies!

Equipment Needed


Monthly Subscription

Save up to £792/AED2650 per year

  • Billed monthly, minimum 6 month subscription
  • Can cancel after first month
  • Flexible rescheduling
  • Pause for up to 2 months

Individual Course

1 class per week
£30 per hour
(Average £130 per month)

Small Group Course

1 class per week
£20 per hour
(Average £86 per month)