Python Pro Individual Course

Python Pro Individual Course

Become a robust coder, and create more using Python in our Python Pro individual course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create your own Python Classes, Objects, and Exception handling algorithms
  • Learn advanced Class relations, inheritance, variable relations, and scope
  • Build on what you’ve learned from our Python Player Course
  • Create your very own Python Project


Warm up your coding muscles and get ready to become the next professional code inspector. In this course, students deal with exceptional cases that help them master robust algorithms while learning to fix and debug a code. You will also become an expert at creating your very own classes, methods, and objects for an exclusive performance in Python!

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5 sessions for £225

Python Pro Individual Course 5 Sessions

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Python Pro Individual Course 10 Sessions

Course details

Coding languagePython
Coding experienceIntermediate
Ages12-14, 15-18
PrerequisitesCompletion of our Python Player course
Length 60min per session

How It Works

  1. You purchase a course.
  2. We email you a video link to connect with your tutor on the selected date and time.
  3. If you are unsure which course to book, you can arrange a consultation call here.