Intelligent Systems Individual Course

Intelligent Systems Individual Course

Program an Arduino microcontroller board, and build awesome projects like a light sensor in our Intelligent Systems individual course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about sensors
  • Build basic light sensing circuits
  • Develop your own digital intelligent systems through programming an Arduino microcontroller
  • Use C++ coding language
  • Get a certificate from Google’s Grasshopper course


How do street lights sense darkness and light? How do self-driving cars avoid obstacles? Credit goes to the magic of sensors. In this course, you will learn about sensors and how you can build basic sensing circuits such as a light sensor. You will also use these electronics to develop your own digital intelligent systems. This will be achieved by programming an Arduino microcontroller using C++ to control different actuators such as LED devices, servo-motors, and buzzers. Your final project will combine the different robotics skills acquired during the course.

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Course details

Coding languageC++
Coding experienceIntermediate
PrerequisitesCompletion of our Level Up Your JavaScript course or good experience in C++
Length 60min per session

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