Red Fox: Game Developer 2


Red Fox

15-18 yrs

Game Developer 2

Game Developer

Individual Course

10 lessons
£45/AED 200 per hour

Small Group Course

10 lessons
£30/AED140 per hour

Pay Monthly

£20/AED90 per hour

Certification accredited by STEM

40% discount


Design and code your own game using Unity. Learn the stages of game development and the foundations of C#. We will be building arcade games similar to Mario, asteroids, and others!

Learning Outcomes

  • Write script in C#
  • Identify and use game development principles
  • Apply foundational programming concepts
  • Build games

Equipment Needed


Monthly Subscription

Save up to £792/AED2650 per year

  • Billed monthly, minimum 6 month subscription
  • Can cancel after first month
  • Flexible rescheduling
  • Pause for up to 2 months

Individual Course

1 class per week
£30 per hour
(Average £130 per month)

Small Group Course

1 class per week
£20 per hour
(Average £86 per month)