Jungle Cat: RoboChamp 1

i jungle cat

Jungle Cat

7-8 yrs

RoboChamp 1

Game Developer

Individual Course

10 lessons
£45/AED 200 per hour

Small Group Course

10 lessons
£30/AED140 per hour

Pay Monthly

£20/AED90 per hour

Certification accredited by STEM

40% discount


Your child will use technology to create cool gadgets and toys like an electronic name badge, a fitness device, and the famous buzz wire game. They will learn about conductors and insulators and build basic circuits from things they find around the house! This course is for the little ones who love tinkering!

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply fundamental programming concepts to code a micro:bit
  • Identify devices as inputs and outputs
  • Build basic circuits
  • Use the micro:bit to build different devices and toys

Equipment Needed


Micro:bit and alligator clips

Monthly Subscription

Save up to £792/AED2650 per year

  • Billed monthly, minimum 6 month subscription
  • Can cancel after first month
  • Flexible rescheduling
  • Pause for up to 2 months

Individual Course

1 class per week
£30 per hour
(Average £130 per month)

Small Group Course

1 class per week
£20 per hour
(Average £86 per month)