Is Coding Really Useful For Children?

Make screen time more enriching

Is Coding Really Useful For Children?

When it comes to extracurriculars, we often think of sports or music before coding or computer science. Why?

Does coding sound too complicated for little ones? Not fun enough for teens? At CodeBrave Tutors, our courses are accessible, creative and joyful. Check out this screenshot from our students.

I Love Coding

Is coding really useful for children?

Read below our top 5 reasons why all children should learn how to code.

1- Help children understand the world more clearly

Programming, big data, and robotics surround us, managing our daily lives. And yet most of us don’t understand how they operate. Developing foundational knowledge in technology will help young people understand the world around them and take better advantage of the opportunities of technology safely. 

2- Encourage children to create their own world

Coding offers children the space to design their own games and express themselves by integrating their favourite elements in simulation of a world. This creative outlet leaves them feeling proud and productive. At CodeBrave Tutors, we use a project-based approach using visual programming with young students, which are reported to provide fun, motivation, enthusiasm and commitment from students.

Create their own world

3- Make screen time more enriching

In the face of evidence that excessive screen time has adverse physical, psychological, social and neurological effects on children and adolescents (LeBlanc et al., 2017), it is one of today’s most pressing parenting challenges. And let’s face it – with the recent lockdown, it has become harder to provide your children with enriching digital experiences. While we advocate the inevitable daily screen time is limited to the amounts recommended by health authorities, we encourage that it is redirected so that children and adolescents can reap its benefits. One way of doing that is to learn how to code.

4- Attract great opportunities to their future

Computing occupations are nowadays the fastest-growing and largest segment of all professions across all industries, and that trend is here to stay. Stanford University claims that studying coding and Computer Science at university “prepares students for careers in government, law, the corporate sector, and graduate study.” Computer Science graduates are also among the highest paid, earning 40% more than average university graduates.

Is coding really useful for children?

5- Explore the benefits of coding

Coding is a whole new way of seeing the world. It’s about ‘learning how to think’, as Steve Jobs put it, including planning, inventing, and eventually solving problems through technology. You can observe the effects of coding education in the way your children will start to think about or approach the ordinary matters of every day.

Final words

When we grew up, no one probably told us about the importance of coding. We just learned the basics of working on a computer. Tech education certainly didn’t enjoy much popularity, or maybe we had the misconception that it is strictly for geniuses and a select group of people.

But today, we are experiencing the impact of technology at a much deeper level, and just like any other skill, everyone can learn to code. So, it’s the least recommended that we put our children through the same education choices we had. As a parent, you’re in a great place not only to encourage them to try coding but to give them access to transform their lives forever.

Why CodeBrave Tutors?

During our courses, our expert tutors, who are all trained in educational psychology, make sure to use platforms that:

  1. invite students to interact and engage with information rather than be passive recipients;
  2. mitigate against the “zone-out” effect screens typically have on children by regularly asking questions, evaluating choices, and encouraging reflection
  3. teach students using examples and applications from their real world.

Another reason to choose CodeBrave Tutors to introduce your child to coding is our social impact. Upon enrolling your child in our courses, every paid session funds another for a child who cannot pay in Lebanon. All our proceeds go to CodeBrave Lebanon, a non-profit dedicated to the digital literacy of children from disadvantaged areas in Lebanon.

In the 21st century, we believe all children should learn how to code – whether just a little or a lot! Coding is really useful for children and it can all start with one course. Pick yours here.